The NZAGRC won't deny Sheep and Beef sector cooling is possible

Climate change organisations like the NZAGRC, politicians and the general public have for years been demonizing the agricultural industry for their contribution to climate change. 

This targeting of the industry relies on ignoring two basic climate change facts. 

1. Stabilised Methane emissions are warming neutral (give or take 0.3%/yr)

2. Pre-1990 forests also sequester Carbon

(Pre-1990 forests can and should be included under the Paris Agreement, the Government has done well to avoid this topic completely so far)

When both of these well established facts are applied to agricultural emissions, the story becomes very different to what you have been hearing on the news. 

I have asked Harry Clark and the NZAGRC to comment on whether the below statement is correct....

“It is highly likely that the NZ Sheep and Beef sector has contributed to a cooling trend since 1990 when all scientifically accepted emission sources and sinks are included”

The response was not as clear and concise as hoped but it certainly leaves to door open to this fact eventually being confirmed. 

I hope to see the conversation continue to move in this more positive direction. 


Steven Cranston



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