A Better ETS Alternative

If warming is the problem, why not focus on the warming?

No point highlighting the flaws in the current ETS policy without offering a better solution....
1. NZ agriculture should aim to cap the atmospheric methane volume at the same level it was in 1990. As of 2015 there has been just a 5.6% increase. This will allow agriculture to state their methane emissions have not contributed to climate change since the IPCC was established.
2. Agriculture should ensure trees on agricultural land offset any N2O emissions and/or net increase in methane. This will allow agriculture to be 'warming neutral'. For this to happen we need the industry to start quantifying their native bush and forestry inventory.
3. There should be a debate on if including agriculture in the ETS is justified and worth the administration costs.
If so.....all farms should have an individual GHG model, likely Overseer (GHG modelling is much simpler and more accurate than nutrient loss modelling) Farms that make a permanent reduction in GHGs should receive carbon credits, likewise those that increase could pay a tax under the ETS.


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