Is NZ Agriculture contributing to current global warming? Seeking help to find evidence.

$1,000 Reward!!!

Cranston Consulting is happy to pay any individual or organisation $1,000 to provide us with evidence NZ agriculture in currently warming the planet. I have spoken to government organisations, MFE and many climate scientists with no success to date. Interestingly even individuals who specialize in agricultural GHG modelling claim 'this is not my area'. Some however will agree there is no evidence but will not comment publicly. 

This is significant as if there in no evidence agriculture is contributing to further warming, the case for it to be included in the ETS is greatly undermined. If the argument is then farmers should pay for historic emissions then lets have that debate. Do you think Air NZ or Genesis Energy is willing to pay for their CO2 emissions from 2005? I look forward to that discussion.

Please send any evidence to my email to collect the reward....
Keep in mind, I accept the 2016 Motu Report finding that if CH4 emissions are stabilized they will not contribute to further warming. The question as it relates to actual warming then becomes 'Does CO2 sequestration from trees on agricultural land offset N2O emissions and any net positive methane emissions?' To my knowledge this research has not been done but we would be very grateful for any help finding it.    

With the millions of dollars spent on climate research in NZ, proving agriculture is currently warming the planet and collecting the $1,000 should be like taking candy off a baby! 


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